About Norwich Kitty Business Network

The 60 words concept!

As mentioned elsewhere, the initial concept of the Norwich Kitty was the 30 Words. This was the average number of words put in the old 140-character Tweet. As many of you have perhaps thought, the idea of limiting some people at a networking event would be a wonderful thing. Well, that’s why Paul Rudd, our late founder, came up with the format for Kitty.

It also means that you do not have to stand up and present your business yourself. The presenter will do that for you. So, for some people that removes a lot of stress. You submit your words; you get introduced and the words get read out to the group. You just sit there smiling with a drink in your hand, but of course if you wish to do your own introduction you are more than welcome to do so.

What could be easier?

Now the hard part – Simply type in your words and submit them before Thursday lunchtime (if it’s 4pm on a Thursday…don’t bother, just turn up). If you put them in sooner, it helps us know the numbers.

When we say 60 words, remember it’s all about making an impact with your business. Make a witty rhyme, tell a joke, put some relevant info in, you could get a round of applause for a good entry (but don’t get competitive). The main thing to avoid is a list of ’60 Words’ that describe your business…that’s boring! Factual, informative or fun please!