What our members say

As a small business owner, I have received an enormous amount of support and assistance from the members of the Kitty.  They are always there to give me excellent advice and a welcome lift when needed. Their expertise covers a wide variety of sectors and had been invaluable.  Thank you.

Leigh Reeves, Morton Reeves Estate Agents

The most unique and relaxed self-employed networking group in Norwich! I have gained so many business contacts, friends and opportunities from Kitty over the past five years. I challenge anyone to come along to a first free session and prove me wrong!

Katie, Visual Noise Photography

Norwich Kitty is like no other networking group. Fun, informal and it works!
In the last few years, through the membership, I have grown my business and at the same time made friendships that will last a lifetime. Highly recommend Kitty!

Sacha Barbato, Travel Counsellor

Norwich Kitty is the best Networking group I have been to. As well as the membership fee being extremely affordable, it is also a very sociable and friendly group. Networking over a drink in a city centre pub at the end of a working day. There is also a lot of business and leads generated within the group, which is by choice not because it is expected every week.

Kevin Taylor, Canary Thermal Roof

Personally, I can’t think of a more informal and relaxed way of Business networking than to have a drink or maybe a few after a bad week, with your fellow and local small Business owners in a city pub on a Thursday evening straight after work.

Peter Francis, Meditation Personal Trainers

Been a Kitty member for seven years and it has provided business and a real sense of camaraderie as most of us are self-employed experiencing the ups and downs of running a business. There is no pressure to buy or sell anything and the business comes from trust and friendship.

Ben Dures, Scott-Moncrieff & Associates

Kitty has been great for me. After starting my business three years ago, I was looking to expand my business network. I found Kitty a great way to do this in a relaxed manner. There are some great members that I also now class as friends.

Stuart Lynes, SlicSheet Fabrication